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Top 10 Attractions in Xinjiang

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Xinjiang is the largest province in China, covering an area of 1,660,000 square kilometers. Maybe you cannot understand this number, you will surely have a memorable Xinjiang tour that marks this feature of this land. On this vast land, you will see ice peaks and hot sites colliding, as well as Gobi and vast lakes. Being a multi-ethnic area in China, Xinjiang boasts rich and profound ethnic and folk cultures in different places. No matter in which season, Xinjiang is always ready to surprise you with so many beautiful landscapes and traditional historical sites.

Kashgar Old City

Located about 200 kilometers from the borders of Kyrgyzstan, Tajikistan, Afghanistan, and Pakistan, Kashgar is considered the most western city in China. In Kashgar Old City, tourists can deeply get a sense of the Silk Road history. Standing in the middle of Kashgar Old City, a place with more than 2,000 years of history, one can feel it is connected by the ancient past and the modern present. If you are interested in the life of Uyghur residents, ethnic customs, traditional handicrafts, local flavorful food, and distinctive architecture, you cannot miss a tour to Kashgar Old City.

In Kashgar, tourists can also spend time visiting other popular attractions. Id Kah Mosque is the biggest mosque in China, a group of old Islamic architectures featuring strong ethnic and religious styles. Apa Hoja Mausoleum, a picturesque example of Uyghur architecture, is a must-visit for tourists who love Uyghur history. Sunday Bazaar will show you the different life of local people in Kashgar. Out of the town, there are some beautiful natural sights that deserve your visit, including Baisha Lake, Karakul Lake, Muztagh Ata, etc.

Kashgar Old CityKashgar Old City

Tian Chi (Heavenly Lake)

Located 114 km north-east of Urumqi, Tian Chi sits 2000 meters above sea level. The name of this lake literally translates to "Heaven Lake". What makes this lake looks like a pearl on this land is the crystal clear water flowing from the mountain glaciers of the Tianshan Mountains. On sunny days, Bogda Peak is reflected on the lake, making it looks like a paradise. So, this 3,400 meters long lake is well worth every tourist's visit.

In Urumqi, the capital city of Xinjiang, tourists can also visit Xinjiang International Grand Bazaar. As the biggest bazaar in Xinjiang, it is famous for Uyghur food, fruits, handicrafts, and street dancing. It is the best place to go shopping and look for things that you like about this land.

Tian Chi (Heavenly Lake)Tian Chi (Heavenly Lake)

Jiaohe Ancient City

Being recognized as the largest, oldest, and best-preserved city that is built by earth, Jiaohe Ancient City is the most popular and most amazing attraction in Turpan. It sits on a 30-meter high plateau covering an area of 220,000 square meters. But there are no shades at the Jiaohe Ruins. So, it is highly recommended to visit Jiaohe Ancient City in the early morning or late at night. If visit in the daytime, a hat, sunglasses, and water are necessary to avoid the heat.

When you are visiting Turpan, heat will be the main impression this place leaves on you. The Karez Irrigation system keeps people living in Turpan more leisurely. The system transport water from the Tianshan Mountains to the desert oasis of Turpan by taking advantage of the slope of the mountains. It is complicated but ingenious. 55 kilometers east to Turpan City there is a place named Tuyoq Valley. This mysterious valley enjoys a long history and splendid culture.

Jiaohe Ancient CityJiaohe Ancient City

Kanas Nature Reserve

Kanas is a National Geopark and a huge natural scenic area located in the north of Burqin, Altay Prefecture, near the border area with Mongolia, Russia, and Kazakhstan. The name of Kanas means "a beautiful and mysterious place" in Mongolian, which is a perfect description for this place. Kanas Lake is the highlight of this Nature Reserve since it is beautiful with an area of 45.73 square kilometers. The color of the water in Kanas Lake varies as the season changes. The only thing that doesn't change is the beauty of the lake.

Near Kanas Lake, there are three Tuva villages - Kanas Village, Hemu Village and Baihaba Village. These picturesque villages are inhabited by Tuvas of the Mongolian who are still living a simple lifestyle here. It feels special to walk in those villages and experience the culture.

Kanas Nature Reserve
Kanas Nature Reserve

Nalati Grassland

The reason why most tourists will think about vast grasslands when speaking of Ili is the famous Nalati Grassland. It is one of the most beautiful grasslands in China and its amazing scenery attracts lots of friends to visit. You will be like in a dream when you are standing on the land appreciating the endless grassland. It seems like the ridges will stretch to the sky. Every June to September is the best time to visit.

In Ili, another Karajun Grassland is also worth your time to pay a visit. It is a scenic area mixed with green grasslands, dense forests, canyons, snow-capped mountains, crystal lakes, and peaceful villages. Guozigou Valley can offer tourists many fruits just as its name suggests. And you will have an amazing overlook at Tekes Bagua City.

Nalati GrasslandNalati Grassland

Sayram Lake

It is the largest alpine lake in Xinjiang and the largest lake above sea level. People always call Sayram Lake the Last Tear of the Atlantic because it is the last place affected by the warm and humid airflow of the Atlantic Ocean. It features crystal water that can change colors, snow-capped peaks, green grassland, kinds of wildflowers, as well as breathtaking sunrise and sunset. The best time to go is from May to September when wildflowers can be seen everywhere on the meadows.

Sayram LakeSayram Lake

Taklamakan Desert

Known as the largest desert in China, the Taklamakan Desert attracts many tourists with its incredible desert views and mysterious legends. This 330,000 square kilometers desert covers about 20% of the total area of Xinjiang, which is the size of Shanghai. G217 and G216 will take you to pass through the Taklamakan Desert. It will be a memorable and wonderful journey in your Xinjiang tour.

On the edge of Taklamakan Desert is Hotian City. It is one of the cultural centers of Xinjiang Uyghur Autonomous Region with a rich history. Hotian Museum was opened to tourists from home and abroad in 2005 with more than 10,000 cultural relics of the oasis, including some pottery, ancient coins, silk and woolen textiles, wood sculptures, etc. Besides, it also displays some 600 written records, such as ancient Buddhist manuscripts.

Taklamakan DesertTaklamakan Desert

Tianshan Grand Canyon

Tianshan Grand Canyon located in the Aksu region in northern Kuqa is also called Keziliya Valley. This one is one of the most amazing canyons distributed by the southern and northern slopes of Tianshan Mountain. It is made up of reddish-brown rocks that have been carved and eroded by winds and rains over hundreds of millions of years, which allows you to view a whole different world.

And about 70km from Kuqa, Kizil Thousand Buddha Caves can also be listed on your Xinjiang tour route. Those grottoes are the earliest and westernmost Buddhist grottoes in China, as they were built around the 3rd century AD. This date is nearly 260 years earlier than Dunhuang Mogao Caves. As the largest Buddhist grottoes in Xinjiang, the caves preserve a large number of exquisite murals that showcase the culture of ancient Kucha.

Tianshan Grand CanyonTianshan Grand Canyon

Bosten Lake

Bosten Lake is located in the southeast of Yanqi Basin, Bayingguoleng Mongolian Autonomous Prefecture, covering an area of about 1,000 square kilometers. It is the largest lake in Xinjiang and also one of the largest inland freshwater lakes in China. Lush reeds grow on the banks of the lake, making it the paradise of the waterfowl. And a great variety of fish can be found in the waters, such as bighead, blunt snout bream, etc. Bosten Lake is called "Oriental Hawaii of Xinjiang" thanks to the snow-capped mountains, sand dunes, sunshine, sand beach, and waves. During winter, the frozen lake will become a natural skating place.

Bosten LakeBosten Lake

Luobu Village

Luobu Village is another popular attraction in Bayingguoleng Mongolian Autonomous Prefecture. It covers an area of 72 square kilometers with over 20 households. Because of the isolated situation, the Luobu Village boasts unique culture and traditions. Except for the folklore, what else makes this village special is the vast desert around this place, the beautiful views of the Tarim River, as well as the largest diversiform-leaved poplar forest.

Luobu VillageLuobu Village

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