Xinjiang Highlights, Discovery Your Way!

25 Days Xinjiang Big Loop Tour: Urumqi - Kanas - Yining - Turpan - Korla - Hotian - Kashgar - Kuqa -

  • Duration: 25 Days 24 Nights
  • Destinations: Heavenly Lake, Hemu Tuwa village, Kanas Nature Reserve, Five-colored Beach, Urho Ghost City, Sayram Lake, Guozigou Bridge, Naraty Air Grassland, Northern part of Duku Road, Ancient Jiaohe city, Karez Irrigation System, Bosteng Lake, Luobu Village, Ruoqiang Museum, Taklimakan Desert, Zhaguiluke Ancient Tombs, Kashgar old town, Id Ghar Mosque, Grand Bazaar, Karakul Lake, White Sand Lake, Stone City, Kizil Grottoes, Tianshan Canyon, Kuqa Mosque, Kizilcara Beacon Tower
  • Seasons: Spring, Summer, Autumn
  • Group Type: based on clients’ number
  • Trip Level: 5 stars
  • Highlights:

    1) A big loop route covers all classic sites of Xinjiang
    2) Enjoy Kanas national park surrounded by mountains and lakes
    3) Stay one night at Hemu village to witness the traditional lifestyle of Tuwa people
    4) Explore the famous Naraty Air Grassland
    5) Drive on the spectacular Pamir Plateau and enjoy the beautiful scenery of Karakul lake
    6) Drive through the China’s largest desert - Taklimakan

  • Tour Price: On Request
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