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Duku Road Tours

Duku Road, namely Dushanzi-Kuche section, is the southern section of national highway 217 connecting the north part and south part of Xinjiang. Because the road crosses Tianshan Mountain, it is also called Tianshan highway. It starts from Dushanzi, the city of petroleum in Xinjiang in the north and ends at Kuqa city at the southern foot of Tianshan Mountain and the northern edge of Tarim Basin.

Duku Road is a landscape Avenue worthy of the name, from Dushanzi Grand Canyon at the beginning to Nalati and Bayinbuluk grasslands along the way, and then to Tianshan Mysterious Grand Canyon in Kuqa at the end. People can also enjoy the magnificent kizilia mountain scenic area, where the red stone forest is magnificent. Kuqa River always accompanies one side of the road. When the road passes through the "flame zone" at the southern foot of Tianshan Mountain, it is replaced by steep rock walls, green grass, thorns full of yellow flowers and scattered pine trees. The valley is filled with the fragrance of wild flowers, and the mountain peaks that rise into the clouds are filled with the chilling white snow. Along the Duku highway, it can pass through Yilian Habirga mountain, Boluokonu mountain, Awulale mountain, Nalati mountain, Elbin mountain, Halke mountain, Yining and Kuqa basin.

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Duku Road
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