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Xinjiang Uyghur Autonomous Region is known for its Uyghur culture, beautiful natural scenery, juicy fruit and melons, and tasty Xinjiang cuisine.

Xinjiang Facts:
Chinese Name: 新疆( Xīn Jiāng )
Abbreviation: 新 ( Xīn )
Administration Type: Autonomous Region
Capital: Urumqi
Location: 34°25' to 48°10' N, 73°40' to 96°18' E
Climate: temperate continental arid/ semiarid climate
Average Annual Rainfall: 165.6 millimeter
Area: 1,664,900 km² (about 642,821 mi²)
Population (2019): 25,232,200
Major Ethnic Group: Uygur

Xinjiang travel experts collect all the frequently asked questions and all aspects of Xinjiang journey to write this Xinjiang travel guidebook. It includes food, accommodation, transportation, travel and shopping in Xinjiang, China. We will continue to update the information here to help you plan a wonderful Xinjiang tour.  

Must-Read Advices before Traveling to Xinjiang

When is the best time to travel to Tibet? Unfortunately, there is not a simple answer for the simple question.Tibet can be visited all year around. Actually, every season has its own unique beauty. Accordingly, the best time to visit Tibet should depend what you want to see and do and your personal interests are.

Are you making a difficult choice about how to travel to Tibet? After reading this details, you can choose the suitable one way this time and plan another option for next time. Taking a Flight to Lhasa - the Fastest Way;Taking a Qinghai-Tibet Train to Lhasa - the Cheapest and the Best View; Travelling to Tibet by Overland - the Slowest but the Most View.

Among all tips to reduce or avoid high altitude sickness, the most important thing is asking tourist to move “Slowly, Slowly and Slowly” when arriving at Tibet the first few days, in order to avoid the high altitude sickness in Tibet.

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