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Xinjiang Self Driving Tours

For the most overseas travellers, it could be a luxurious and daring desire to travel by driving their own cars in China. We can turn your dream into true! No matter you drive your own car or rent a car in the location; you come for an adventure tour, or a sightseeing tour or just for transit, we can provide you any services you need.

We are travel expert for your self-drive tours through China. If you are planning self drive through China with your own vehicles: such as 4WD, car, truck, old timer / classic car, motor home, motorbike / motorcycle, etc., please contact us at any time. We will obtain all of the official documents and permits for your China self drive tours. But please book your China self drive tour at 2 months which is the time to apply for all permits. 

The following are only some examples of China self drive tours in Xinjiang. If you couldn’t find the ideal itinerary here, please contact us to design your own self drive route through China according to your request.

Q1: What documents are needed for Self Drive Tour in China?
1. The spreadsheet with the participant's and vehicle's data
2. Vopy of the driving license, 900*1200 pixel (both the front and the back side, not international driving license)
3. Copy of your vehicle registration certificate, 900*1200 pixel
4. Copy of passport, 900*1200 pixel
5. Copy of China visa when available, 900*1200 pixel
6. Your digital recent colored passport photo, 900*1200 pixel (just a normal digital photo, for your Chinese driver license)
7. Digital colorful pictures of vehicle, front, back and side, 900*1200 pixel
8. The latest vehicle inspection report (when you enter China from Erlianhaote border)

Q2: Where is entry and exit customs for China Self Drive Tour?

China has many international ports with 14 countries. The following are the major ports opened to the third country: Tourgart, Irkeshtam, Takeshiken, Khorgos, Khunjerab, Jeminay, Laoyemiao, Erlianhaote, Manzhouli, Hekou, Tianbao, Dulong, Youyiguan, Dongxing, Mohan, Ruili, Kyirong,  Luohu, Suifenhe and Hunchun.

Taklimakan Desert
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Kanas Lake
Group type: based on clients’ number
Tour Price: On Request
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Camping in Taklimakan Desert
Group type: based on clients’ number
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Benefits of an Organized Self-drive Tour


A China self-drive tour is complete freedom and flexibility for you to decide where you travel one day and at what pace.

Trip organization

Our tour operators are responsible for organizing several aspects of your self-drive trip, including accommodations and a car rental.

Ideal itinerary

On a self-drive holiday, you’ll receive all the necessary information and tools, such as directions, maps and safety advice, to make your trip a success.

Professional support

Whenever you need advice or assistance throughout your journey, our knowledgeable experts will come with the added benefit with only a call.